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About Black Health

Black Health is our priority so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

What We Do

Through robust outreach efforts and Education, Black Health provides information to its targeted population on disease prevention, early testing and disease management; affirm that health is the priority of our community and that community members play the most significant role in managing their health. Advocacy ensures that there are always people in our community prioritizing the issues that impact us the most. We raise the banner and speak loudly, proudly and consistently, highlighting issues that impact Black communities and drawing attention to the urgency of solving access to care and the elimination of disease. Committed to Policy changes and legislative decisions that increase funding for preventative testing, address existing health care crises, and maintain affordable treatment and care for improved quality of life.

Health Hub

The community Health Hub is innovative in its approach to address community needs, increase vaccination rates, provide health, mental, and spiritual services framed in holistic approaches, and free from shame and stigma. It is an important gathering place of health activities and events that create an atmosphere of caring and gratitude. Utilizing holistic approaches, the Health Hub brings together CBOs and other partners in a regular setting that sets the tone for individualized engagement and conversation; fosters partner relationships, community organization development; makes health resources more accessible and increases the community’s access to health screenings and testing,